OASIS strives to define biometrics standards for interoperability

The OASIS international open standards consortium has launched its new Biometrics Technical Committee, with support from government agencies, companies, and universities from around the world. The OASIS Biometrics Technical Committee will create standards that improve interoperability in distributed environments, making biometrics more viable within multi-factor authentication.

An initial contribution to the new OASIS Biometrics Technical Committee will be the NIST Specification for WS-Biometric Devices (WS-BD), which defines a REST-based framework for deploying and invoking core synchronous operations via lightweight Web service protocols for the command and control of biometric sensors. Other deliverables are expected to be developed as the Committee members identify requirements for new standards.

The OASIS Committee intends to align its activities with other biometrics standardization initiatives underway, with the goal of supporting harmonized vocabularies, avoiding duplication of effort, and promoting interoperability of biometric data exchange and machine processing.

“The OASIS Biometrics Technical Committee provides a forum for the Department of Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency (DFBA) to accelerate the development of voluntary consensus based biometric standards, in lieu of government-unique standards, to enhance interoperability between the DoD’s Joint, Interagency, International, and Multinational partners.”

More details about the OASIS Biometrics Technical Committee is available here.

Source: Press release

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