Cognitec’s FaceVACS-VideoScan combines video analytics with advanced face recognition technology

Cognitec Systems has released the highly advanced version of FaceVACS-VideoScan, video screening and analysis technology to support security personnel, marketing departments, and operations management. The application now employs anonymous face recognition technology to analyze the count, flow and demographics of people visible in video streams while protecting privacy and data security.

Surpassing traditional video surveillance systems, FaceVACS-VideoScan detects people’s faces in live video streams or video footage and stores anonymous information for each appearance in front of a security camera. Analysis of this information over time allows the video analytics software to compute people count, demographical information, people movement in time and space, and to detect frequent visitors and crowds.

For example, operators can receive an alarm if too many people gather in a specific area and measure waiting times to direct traffic. The analysis of traffic patterns and demographical statistics over long periods of time can provide businesses with precise visitor data to make interior design, advertising placement, staffing and other operational decisions.

Since the technology can analyze a face for gender, age and ethnicity as people approach a surveillance camera, it can trigger the display of a targeted message on a digital sign or other advertising/message devices.

On the other hand, Cognitec’s premier face recognition technology allows for real-time comparison of faces to image databases to instantly find known individuals. Businesses and organizations can detect and prevent unwanted behavior in much faster and more efficient ways, as security staff can track individuals online, or receive alerts on mobile devices to act within the immediate vicinity of a suspect. In addition, real-time identification of authorized individuals or high-ranking customers can prompt access to restricted areas or alert personnel to provide special treatment.

Cognitec is presenting the technology next at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas and Retail Business Technology Expo in London.

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